ERW Database


The database on explosive remnants of war (ERW) was established by the First Conference of the High Contracting Parties to Protocol V and consists of the requests for assistance and their annual updates pursuant to Articles 7 and 8.

Requests for assistance and their updates should (if available) contain information on:

(a) Unexploded Ordnance (UXO):

  1. general location of known and probable UXO;
  2. types and approximate number of explosive ordnance in the targeted areas;
  3. any information available on the explosive ordnance including colour, size and shape and other relevant markings;
  4. the method used for safe disposal of the explosive ordnance.

(b) Abandoned Explosive Ordnance (AXO):

  1. location of the AXO;
  2. approximate number of AXO at each specific site;
  3. types of AXO at each specific site;
  4. any information available on the AXO, including colour, size and shape;
  5. information on type and methods of packing for AXO;
  6. state of readiness;
  7. the location and nature of any booby-traps known to be present in the area of AXO.

(c) Appraisal of needs; status of clearance; as appropriate: care, rehabilitation, social and economic reintegration of ERW victims; programmes for destruction of ERW, measures taken to provide immediate and effective warning and risk education to population.

Formats for requesting assistance available for download here


ERW Database

State Year Appraisal of needs
Belarus 2009 Assistance provided!
Serbia 2008 X (link)
Ukraine 2009 X (link)