UN SaferGuard

The UN SaferGuard programme oversees the dissemination of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG): practical, authoritative, step-by-step advice for those who wish to improve the safety and security of their ammunition storage sites. The UN SaferGuard Programme serves as the custodian for the IATG – ensuring their highest technical quality through regular updates.

International Ammunition Technical Guidelines

The IATG are a modular set of guidelines, publicly available to assist national authorities – armed forces, police and border control officials – as well as industry, private security companies and others to enhance the safety and security of ammunition stockpiles. The direct result: a reduction of the dual risks of unplanned explosions and illicit diversion.

Users of the IATG can opt for implementing the IATG’s basic, intermediate, or advanced levels, making the IATG relevant for all situations by taking into account the global diversity in capacities. These increasingly thorough steps are called risk reduction process levels (RRPLs).

A toolkit with practical calculators and checklists – all IATG-compatible – is also available.

The IATG are updated, at a minimum, every five years.

Quick-response mechanism

The UN SaferGuard Programme identifies technical expertise to provide immediate assistance to requesting national authorities for high-risk situations involving ammunition. Under the UN SaferGuard Quick-Response Mechanism, UNODA arranges for urgent ammunition stockpile management improvement, technical assessments and clearance activities.

Donors can contact UNODA to contribute.

Affected countries and clearance specialists can contact conventionalarms-unoda@un.org.

Training and capacity-building

Available course materials cover topics such as:

  • Military ammunition stockpile management
  • Small-unit ammunition stockpile management for law enforcement officials
  • Ammunition management in field operations
  • Accounting for and tracing ammunition

Interested in receiving or hosting training and capacity-building exercises? Contact conventionalarms-unoda@un.org.