Ratification and implementation of ATT and PoA in selected African States

Implementing agency: Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

Project timeframe: 01/01/2015 – 31/12/2016

Target countries: Botswana, Uganda, Namibia, Rwanda and South Africa

Goal: To promote the ratification and implementation of the ATT and UNPoA in Botswana, Uganda Namibia and Rwanda, and establish synergies between both instruments at the national levels for these countries.


Activities and Outputs:

  • National level workshops in each country and a regional workshop saw progress concerning the ratification and implementation of the ATT by selected countries with all 4 countries building towards the signature and ratification of the ATT. Specifically, this included participants committing to reviewing their National Action Plans as well as national legislation to conform to the latest developments and the mapping out of synergies between different processes.


  • Several meetings were held with officials in each target country to further bolster discussions and the overall process towards ratification and to address implementation matters.





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