Coordinating, informing, and mobilising civil society action toward the 2018 SALW meetings

Implementing agency: International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)

Project timeframe: 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2017

Target countries: West Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific, East Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, Central Europe, South-eastern Europe

Goal: Mobilize civil society organizations across the world to engage constructively with their governments, parliaments and media. Furthermore, raise awareness of key issues that would strengthen the UNPoA on SALW in the lead-up to the 2018 Review Conference.


Activities and Outputs: 

  • 16 days of activism against gender- based violence in Nepal – 2 December 2017

    Member organizations of IANSA have globally actively lobbied against gun violence including in the International Women’s Day, the Wear Orange campaign, the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, the International Day of Small Arms Destruction, the International Day of Peace, and 16 Days of Global Activism Against Gender Based Violence. IANSA reached out to media in support of these events, placing stories in radios, print media and social media. UNSCAR funding supported these activities through information and coordination from IANSA leadership as well as equipment and materials.


Round table by IANSA member ChangeMaker in Dhaka during the Week of Action
  • IANSA used UNSCAR funds to support activities by member organizations during the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence. Activities included seminars, public marches, press conferences, workshops, debates, awareness campaigns, roundtables, competitions for children and youth, and other events with parliamentarians, doctors, students, academics, government officials, women’s groups, traditional leaders, and community organizations. The theme of the Week of Action was “The Road to Development and Peace Begins with Silencing the Guns”, and activities reflected the realities in each country.
IANSA member Colonie des Pionniers joined a radio show to speak about the harmful effects of illicit weapons during the Week of Action.




  • IANSA supported its member organizations in reaching out to governments and prepared webinars focused on the UNPoA for that purpose.


  • IANSA raised awareness among government officials, holding briefings with representatives from several Missions at the UN.
IANSA member REFEADES-MAKOBOLA hosted two theatre plays raising awareness on the link of illicit firearms and gender violence during the Week of Action.
IANSA member 24-0 Mexico held a workshop for young people detained for use of weapons during the Week of Action



  • A short video about the global small arms problem and the UN small arms process was produced and well-received by civil society organizations (English, Spanish, French).








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