PSSM and SALW training for French speaking African countries

Implementing agency: Handicap International Federation (HIF)

Project timeframe: 01/01/2015 – 30/06/2016

Target countries: Togo, Niger, Senegal, Mali and Ivory Coast

Goal: Contributed to the implementation of the PoA strategy by building the capacities of French speaking African countries in PSSM and SALW interventions.

Activities and Outputs:

  • HIF translated the modules of international weapons-related standards into French
    Participants at the training
    Participants at the training

    [not validated by the UN]. [View here]


  • HIF facilitated 4 weeks of training at CPADD. Fifteen trainees from French speaking countries were sponsored to participate in the training (Togo, Niger, Senegal, Mali and Ivory Coast). For that purpose three training modules were developed for their small arms and light weapons programme: marking, destruction and armorer. The syllabuses of the courses are available on CPADD website:


  • For the training sessions, the armoury in the CPADD was rehabilitated and the mobile incinerator built and used as practice equipment.



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