Advancing PoA and ATT progress at Global, Regional and Community Levels

Implementing agency: Pty Ltd

Project timeframe: 01/01/2015 – 31/12/2016

Target countries: Global, with a focus on Latin America

Goal: To publish accessible, topical and evidence based information on gun violence for every jurisdiction globally, especially where the impacts of armed violence are highest, and where information lies untranslated or scattered.


Activities and Outputs:

  • Updated into three UN languages the small arms-related legislation of 96 states, territories and jurisdiction in Central, Latin and North America, along with the most recent data on the effects of armed violence in each state. In so doing, the overall quantity of information was augmented for many of the world’s counties most affected by armed violence.


  • Translated 404 legislative documents, 269 UNPoA national reports from 122 Member States and territories, and wrote 11,037 new narrative database records, translations and bibliographical citations to be published on the website. This project also saw the publication of more than 54,000 new and updated data points in comparative charts and finally, added 951 additional source documents to the database of over 5,000 files for researchers in the field.


  • As the world’s most comprehensive and accessible online source of published evidence on armed violence, firearm-related legislation, practical compliance with the UNPoA and comparative gun control measures; saw 1,773,294 uniquely identifiable visitors accessed one or more of’s 200,000-plus Web pages for a total of 3,479,504 page views. Further, from a near base of zero at the inception of the project, in five months, 2,227 Twitter, Facebook and E-mail postings were diseminated to 4,696 followers and friends in three UN languages and over 48,000 individuals engaged via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail subscription.







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