CARICOM model legislation for the implementation of the ATT

Implementing agency: CARICOM Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (CARICOM IMPACS)

Project timeframe: 15/01/2015 – 14/01/2016

Target countries: 14 CARICOM Member States

Goal: Model Legislation on the ATT and UN PoA developed for CARICOM Member States to regulate the trade in and limit the diversion of arms including small arms and light weapons and ammunition.

Activities and Outputs:

Gap Analysis Report   

A Gap analysis report that identified the gaps in the existing legislation in fourteen CARICOM Member States and recommendations for items to be included in the draft model law.

Special Advisory Committee reviewing first draft of Model Legislation

Special Advisory Committee meeting was held 15 October 2015 at CARICOM IMPACS  Office.

CARCIOM organized a regional consultative workshop with law enforcement and legal experts, to determine critical areas in drafting model legislation.

Welcome remarks being delivered by Mr. Francis Forbes; Executive Director, CARICOM IMPACS.


Officials from Missions and Embassies in Trinidad and Tobago who attended the Opening Ceremony of the Regional Consultative Workshop.








Comprehensive Model Legislations finalized for adoption by CARICOM Member States:

  • Final draft: CARICOM Model Arms Trade Treaty Regulations
  • Final draft: CARICOM Model Law Arms Trade Treaty Bill



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