Practical Disarmament Initiative: Developing Good Practice for Measuring PSSM Success, Effectiveness and Impact

Implementing Agency: Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

Project timeframe: 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2016

Target countries: Global; specifically, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany, Jamaica, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States as well as CARICOM and ECOWAS

Goal: To enhance PoA implementation by improving SALW sector ability to measure the success, effectiveness and impact of international cooperation and assistance in PSSM.


  • A two-day participatory round table meeting of states, implementing partners, stakeholders and experts identified best practices and guiding indicators for measuring PSSM success, effectiveness and impact as well as outputs and outcomes of PSSM. This round-table involved states who give and receive intenational cooperation and assistance, as well as regional economic bodies, parts of the UN and NGOs.


  • Discussion was captured in an outcome document, ‘Developing Good Practice for Measuing the Success, Effectiveness and Impact of PSSM’ which included a schedule of standard output indicators and opportunities for measuring PSSM’s success in terms of its contribution to SDG 16.4. The meeting also led to a set of pilot projects in West Africa, where confidence built through PSSM projects has been used as a basis for developing national action plans involving government departments, NGOs and the donor community with the outcome doccument being made publically avalible in French and English, looks to inform BMS6.




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