UNSCAR Projects Selected in 2013

In the 2013, nine projects were selected for funding with a total budget of $902,836, of which eight projects were selected through the annual Call for Proposals process. UNSCAR funded one special-circumstances project in this cycle.

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In this cycle, UNSCAR funded activities to spur the momentum toward the entry-into-force of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Projects focused on Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean. A total of 51 member states benefited directly or indirectly from UNSCAR-funded activities in the 2013-2014 implementation cycle.

Map 2013 UNSCAR target countries

Specifically, UNSCAR-funded activities contributed to the ratification, implementation and promotion of the ATT by:

  • supporting governments’ decision-making processes;
  • building capacities of national authorities;
  • catalyzing national legislative procedures;
  • raising awareness in civil society;
  • developing underpinning research on the implementation of the Treaty;
  • identifying synergies between implementing requirements of the Arms Trade Treaty with other existing regional and global instruments and efforts.

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