Strengthening the Technical and Operational Capacity of State Parties to the Kinshasa Convention on SALW on ISACS, NATCOMS and Elaboration of Action Plans on PoA and Kinshasa Convention

Implementing agency: Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace (CAMYOSFOP)

Project timeframe: 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2019

Target countries: Central Africa: Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe

Goal: Build the capacity of 20 key government Ministries and institutions on ISACs, NATCOM and the elaboration of national action plans on PoA and Kinshasa Convention as well as the capacity of 20 national CSOs on Articles 27 – 30 on the Kinshasa Convention on their role in the implementation process and facilitation of national action plans.

Activities: Two capacity building workshops are organized with 20 key government ministries and the Civil Society and develop knowledge sharing tool kit and posters.