Declarations pursuant to Article 2 of the TPNW

Article 2 of the TPNW

Under article 2 of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), States Parties are required to submit declarations containing information on the past or present status of nuclear weapons or nuclear explosive devices on their territories or under their control. The full text of Article 2 reads as follows:


  1. Each State Party shall submit to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, not later than 30 days after this Treaty enters into force for that State Party, a declaration in which it shall:
    1.  Declare whether it owned, possessed or controlled nuclear weapons or nuclear explosive devices and eliminated its nuclear-weapon programme, including the elimination or irreversible conversion of all nuclear-weapons-related facilities, prior to the entry into force of this Treaty for that State Party;
    2. Notwithstanding Article 1 (a), declare whether it owns, possesses or controls any nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices;
    3. Notwithstanding Article 1 (g), declare whether there are any nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices in its territory or in any place under its jurisdiction or control that are owned, possessed or controlled by another State.
  2. The Secretary-General of the United Nations shall transmit all such declarations received to the States Parties.

Model declaration

While the Treaty prescribes no standard form or format for these declarations, ratifying or acceding states may wish to note that a model declaration has been prepared by the International Committee of the Red Cross and is available in EnglishFrench and Spanish.

Role of the Office for Disarmament Affairs

On behalf of the Secretary-General, the Office for Disarmament Affairs receives the declarations and transmits them to the States Parties. To that end, it has circulated instructions for the submission of declarations to the States that have ratified or acceded to the TPNW.

Any declarations pursuant to Article 2 that States Parties have chosen to make public will be posted on this page.

Declarations received

State PartyDate received
Antigua and Barbuda19 February 2021
Austria9 February 2021
Bangladesh21 February 2021
Belize22 February 2021
Benin (English translation)9 April 2021
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) (English Translation)18 February 2021
Botswana       8 February 2021
Cabo Verde4 November 2022
Cambodia12 May 2021
Chile (English translation)23 September 2021
Comoros4 May 2021
Congo24 August 2022
Cook Islands (French translation)4 September 2018
Costa Rica (English translation)22 January 2021
Côte d’Ivoire 20 June 2022
Cuba (in Spanish and English)26 February 2021
Democratic Republic of the Congo25 April 2023
Dominica26 April 2021
Dominican Republic22 November 2023
Ecuador (in Spanish and English)19 February 2021
El Salvador (English translation)1 February 2021
Fiji15 February 2021
Gambia15 March 2021
Guinea-Bissau23 February 2022
Guatemala28 December 2022
Guyana21 February 2021
Holy See15 February 2021
Honduras (in Spanish and English)15 March 2021
Ireland22 January 2021
Jamaica19 February 2021
Kazakhstan19 February 2021
Kiribati20 February 2021
Lao People’s Democratic Republic2 February 2021
Lesotho18 February 2021
Malaysia17 February 2021
Malawi4 May 2023
Maldives22 February 2021
Malta27 January 2021
Mexico (English translation)22 January 2021
Mongolia25 March 2022
Namibia21 February 2021
Nauru19 January 2021
New Zealand18 January 2021
Nicaragua (English translation)13 January 2021
Nigeria20 February 2021
Niue17 February 2021
Palau7 January 2021
Panama (English translation)19 February 2021
Paraguay (in Spanish and English)  19 February 2021
Peru23 December 2021
Philippines17 June 2021
Samoa23 February 2021
San Marino9 March 2021
Saint Kitts and Nevis18 January 2021
Saint Lucia19 January 2021
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1 February 2021
São Tomé and Príncipe (English translation)27 March 2024
Seychelles3 March 2022
South Africa18 February 2021
Sri Lanka18 January 2024
State of Palestine21 February 2021
Thailand15 February 2021
Timor Leste17 March 2023
Trinidad and Tobago19 February 2021
Tuvalu18 February 2021
Uruguay (in Spanish and English)3 February 2021
Vanuatu17 February 2021
Venezuela (Bolviarian Republic of) (in Spanish and English)19 February 2021
Viet Nam (in Vietnamese and English)19 February 2021