UNRCPD helps young delegates of the International Youth Media Summit conduct outreach to educational institutions in the Kathmandu valley

August 26th, 2019

UNRCPD sponsored three International Youth Delegates from Myanmar, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka and two National Youth Delegates from Nepal for the 14th International Youth Media Summit, held this year in Pokhara, Nepal. The delegates worked with other international delegates to produce video public service announcements (PSAs) on themes such as discrimination, the environment, health, poverty, violence, women’s rights and youth empowerment showcasing the power of youth educating youth.

Students of Motibinayak energized after watching the PSA.


The Youth Delegates showcased their PSAs and then led interactive discussions on the issues in more detail. The programme was designed to merge digital content with face-to-face interaction and dialogue. The discussion led to constructive takeaways on matters such as dealing with discrimination and threats of violence and, in addition, the importance of a strong community and support network to face challenges and build community resilience.

International Youth Delegate from the Philippines leading the discussion session after film on youth empowerment at Kathmandu University


UNRCPD would like to thank the Graded Education Medium School, Kathmandu University Motibinayak public school and Rupy’s International School for their participation in the outreach visits. The Centre also wishes to thank the Summit’s Nepal branch for its organizational contributions; Peace Education Network Nepal; and, especially, the Summit’s sponsored delegates for their inspiring hard work, creativity and enthusiasm.

Students from Rupy’s International School reflecting on PSAs.


For further information, please contact Ms. Jane E. Lawson, Peace and Disarmament Education Coordinator for the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Asia and Pacific at info@unrcpd.org.


Discussion with students of GEMS institute of higher education.



Youth Delegates at UNRCPD office, Kathmandu Nepal. From left: Prechya Bajracharya (Nepal Delegate; Fatima Denise Gal (Philippines Delegate), A J Aww Jay (Myanmar Delegate), Ashma Gautam (Nepal Delegate); and Jozeph Vaz (Sri Lanka Delegate).