Preparation for and follow-up on the Sixth Review Conference

Aims and Objectives

The Sixth Review Conference of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) took place in December 2021 and offered High Contracting Parties an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive review of the Convention and its protocols, assessing progress in the implementation of recent decisions and shaping priorities for the coming years.

The Preparation for and follow-up on the Sixth Review Conference Project aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Facilitate discussions among stakeholders to enhance CCW compliance
  • Promote a shared understanding among High Contracting Parties regarding priority areas for the Review Conference preparation
  • Raise awareness and encourage contributions from national experts in CCW matters
  • Enhance the understanding of CCW delegates regarding implementation challenges at the national and regional levels
  • Provide support to CCW officeholders in the preparation of the Review Conference and the implementation of its decisions

In the aftermath of the Review Conference, work under the project has focused on strategies and follow-up actions to implement the decisions taken at the Conference. This work has been carried out in coordination with CCW officeholders and aims to help High Contracting Parties monitor national and regional implementation efforts for the five-year period leading up to the Seventh Review Conference.


Within the framework of this project, UNODA facilitated a series of workshops on the National Annual Reporting Guides for CCW, providing States with a platform to share best practices and challenges in the preparation of their annual CCW reports:

Additionally, a side event was organized focusing on the Universalization of the CCW and its Protocols, 16 November 2022. The objective was to enhance comprehension of the CCW and its Protocols, thereby contributing to the ratification efforts of High Contracting Parties.