Facilitation of discussions on under-explored, cross-cutting and emerging issues of relevance to the Convention

Aims and Objectives

The EU-supported project for facilitating CCW discussions aims to explore overlooked, emerging, and cross-cutting issues within the CCW framework. The primary objective is to foster dialogue among stakeholders and provide substantive contributions to CCW meetings and expert discussions.

This project anticipates several key outcomes:

  • Comprehensive multi-stakeholder dialogues on under-explored issues that fall under the scope of CCW
  • Analysis of and research on substantive matters related to the CCW and its Protocols
  • Development and/or updating of useful tools for practitioners to enhance the understanding of the instruments
  • Dissemination of initiatives and findings


Within the framework of this project, UNODA has organized a series of webinars covering various topics, engaging with key stakeholders from governments, international and regional organizations, academia, civil society, youth groups, and industry.