Disarmament Video Project

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs is looking for a university partner for the following project.

The project began with an individual consultant who recorded interviews with three Nobel Laureates — Bernard Lown, Joseph Rotblat, and Jody Williams — who have all been active in the field of disarmament. Joseph Rotblat passed away in 2005. The consultant also provided images and story boards to go along with the recordings. Permission from all the copyright holders for the images has been granted and the UN has rights to all recordings as well.

We are currently looking for a college or university partner whereby we could provide the content, while our partner university could work on transforming the content into a finished product as part of a classroom/lab project.

Since our images are all “still” photographs, one idea we had was to marry the images to the recordings and create three short films, each about 1/2 hour long.

While we have the storyboards from the consultant, and also created a sample video (see below), it doesn’t preclude someone creatively coming up with something else, even better ideas, that might work, perhaps a website where a visitor could listen to the audio and view the individual photographs.

This could possibly be an interdisciplinary activity or a course marrying political science and film/video production or political science and web design. The content and photos are really useful teaching tools about the lives and work of three Nobel Peace Laureates.

For inquiries or additional information, please contact Mr. John Ennis, 212-963-5274 ennisj@un.org

Sample Video