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TitlePublishing entityYearLink
Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executionsUnited Nations Human Rights Council2013
Human rights implications of new and emerging technologies in the military domain (A/HRC/51/L.25)United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution2022
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in armed conflict: A human-centred approachICRC2020
Legal Reviews of New WeaponsICRC2021
Position on Autonomous Weapons SystemsICRC2021
A Comparative Analysis of the Definitions of Autonomous Weapons SystemsUNODA2021
What you need to know about autonomous weaponsICRC2022
Towards Responsible AI in Defence: A Mapping and Comparative Analysis of AI Principles Adopted by StatesUNIDIR2023
Proposals Related to Emerging Technologies in the Area of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems: A Resource PaperUNIDIR2023
Table-Top Exercises on the Human Element and Autonomous Weapons System, 2021UNIDIR2021  
Confidence-Building Measures for Artificial IntelligenceUNIDIR2022
Human-Machine Interfaces in Autonomous Weapons SystemsUNIDIR2022
Known Unknowns: Data Issues and Military Autonomous SystemsUNIDIR2021
The Black Box, Unlocked: Predictability and Understandability in Military AIUNIDIR2020
Modernizing Arms Control: Exploring Responses to the Use of AI in Military Decision-MakingUNIDIR2020
Swarm Robotics: Technical and Operational Overview of the Next Generation of Autonomous SystemsUNIDIR2020
The Human Element in Decisions About the Use of ForceUNIDIR2020
The Role of Data in Algorithmic Decision-MakingUNIDIR2019
Algorithmic Bias and the Weaponization of Increasingly Autonomous TechnologiesUNIDIR2018

TitlePublishing entityYearLink
Completely outside human control?Article 362023
Laws for LAWS: Towards a treaty to regulate lethal autonomous weaponsFriedrich-Ebert-Stiftung2023
An Agenda for ActionHuman Rights Watch2022
Negotiating a Treaty on Autonomous Weapons Systems – The Way ForwardStop Killer Robots Campaign2022
Principles for the Combat Employment of Weapon Systems with Autonomous FunctionalitiesCenter for a New American Security2021
Code of Conduct on Artificial Intelligence in Military SystemsCentre for Humanitarian Dialogue2021
New Weapons, Proven PrecedentHuman Rights Watch2020
AI, Emerging Technology and LAWS: Security, Moral, and Ethical Perspectives in AsiaNonviolence International Southeast Asia2020
The Militarization of Artificial IntelligenceStanley Center for Peace and Security, UNODA &  Stimson Center2019