Hypersonic Weapons: A Challenge and Opportunity for Strategic Arms Control

A Study Prepared on the Recommendation of the Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters

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The pursuit by several nuclear-armed States of novel long-range strike options has received little attention in multilateral disarmament discussions despite their potentially negative implications for security, arms control and disarmament. This study aims to raise awareness of these implications and to consider possible ways to address them in a multilateral context. It includes overviews of: the current state of technology; possible implications for international peace and security; possible implications for existing and future arms control and disarmament efforts; and different approaches States may pursue to address these challenges.

John Borrie, Amy Dowler and Pavel Podvig
(United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research)

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Publication date: February 2019