Everyday Disarmament Cards


Everyday Disarmament Cards

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The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) implements the decisions of the General Assembly on disarmament matters.


  • Provides substantive and organizational support for norm-setting in the area of disarmament through the work of the General Assembly and its First Committee, the UN Disarmament Commission, the Conference on Disarmament and other bodies;
  • Fosters disarmament measures through dialogue, transparency and confidence-building in military matters;
  • Encourages regional disarmament efforts.

The issues listed on the Everyday Disarmament Cards are core topics and concerns that UNODA deals with regularly, and guide its efforts to provide substantive support to expert groups, organize seminars, prepare and disseminate publications, inaugurate exhibits, launch media events, and promote outreach and advocacy.

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Publication date: September 2015