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The UNODA Documents Library is a specialized archive that provides quick and direct access to United Nations disarmament-related documents in one convenient location. It includes the SSOD-I, SSOD-II, SSOD-III Final Documents and reports and Disarmament Commission guidelines and treaty review declarations.

General Assembly

Information documents, Official Records, Special Sessions on Disarmament, Notes by the Secretary-General, Reports of the Secretary-General, Disarmament resolutions and decisions [searchable text], UN Disarmament Commission

UN Conferences

Illicit Trade in Small Arms
Disarmament and Development

First Committee [From 2001]

Information documentsReports of the First Committee
Disarmament resolutions and decisions [searchable text]
Official Records of the First Committee

Security Council

Small arms
Resolution 1540

UN Studies and Groups/Panels of Governmental Experts (GGEs/PGEs)

GGEs on the UN Register of Conventional Arms

PGEs on the Issue of Missiles in All Its Aspects

Study on Chemical and Bacteriological Weapons

Study on Disarmament and Development

Study on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Education

Study on Information Security

Study on International Transfers of Conventional Arms

Study on Small Arms

Study on the Economic and Social Consequences of the Arms Race and Military Expenditures

Study on the Reduction of Military Budgets

Studies on Verification in All Its Aspects

Disarmament and Non-proliferation Conferences

BWC Review Conferences, Annual Meetings and Meetings of States Parties

CCW Review Conferences

Conference on Disarmament

Conference on Facilitating the Entry Into Force of the CTBT

Meetings of States Parties of the Anti-Personnel Landmines Convention

NPT Review Conferences


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