Civil Society and Disarmament: 2014

The Importance of Civil Society in United Nations and Intergovernmental Processes: Views from Four Delegates to the United Nations


Civil Society and Disarmament, 2014

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In recent years, non-governmental organizations and other members of civil society have had an ever greater impact on the international agenda. While States establish formal political positions and have the legal and legitimate authority to negotiate, sign and ratify treaties, the ability of organizations and institutions which are independent of a government (NGOs, religious groups, foundations, charities, etc.) to influence these processes is growing. Four delegates from Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, and Mexico, and who worked at the United Nations, share their personal views on the impact civil society stakeholders have had in matters relating to disarmament and arms control.

Maritza Chan, Tomoaki Ishigaki, Rodrigo Pintado and Emily Street

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Publication date: February 2015