List of NGO Liaisons for the First Committee

According to the indicative timetable, NGO presentations are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 29 October 2013, between 3 and 6 pm. The time allocated for NGO presentations is 1.5 hours in total, including a Q and A session.


NGOs are requested to coordinate among themselves in deciding which
representatives will address the First Committee during the session allocated for NGO presentations.


The NGO liaisons who have been designated to interact between non-governmental organizations and the UN Secretariat are:


For issues relating to weapons of mass destruction
Ms. Ray Acheson, Reaching Critical Will, ray[at]

For issues relating to conventional weapons
Ms. Michele Poliacof, IANSA, mpoliacof[at]


The NGO liaisons are asked to provide:

1) A confirmed list of speakers by 12 noon of 24 October 2013;

2) A set of 15 copies of each presentation by 12 noon of 28 October 2013 (for interpretation purposes).