Meetings of the Group of Governmental Experts

Up-to date information on the meetings of the Group, including meeting resources, reports and working papers can be found on UNODA Meetings Place.

Membership of the Group is comprised of all High Contracting Parties to the CCW. The meeting is also open to any non-High Contracting Party, international organizations, civil society and academia.

The Secretariat of the Group is the Implementation Unit of the CCW, housed within UNODA Geneva.

YearReports of the GroupLink to Working Papers
2017CCW/GGE.1/2017/3Working Papers
2018CCW/GGE.1/2018/3Working Papers
2019CCW/GGE.1/2019/3Working Papers
2020No report due to COVID-19Working Papers
2021CCW/GGE.1/2021/3Working Papers
2022CCW/GGE.1/2022/2Working Papers
2023CCW/GGE.1/2023/2Working Papers

At the Group of Governmental Experts meetings in 2018, CCW High Contracting Parties (HCPs) agreed upon 10 guiding principles, to guide the work of the Group. At the GGE meeting in 2019, CCW HCPs identified one additional guiding principle. CCW High Contracting Parties endorsed the eleven principles at their annual meeting in November 2019 (CCW/MSP/2019/9 – Annex III).