Meet the 2021 Cohort of Young Scientists from the Global South of the Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop, Second Edition

We are delighted to introduce the 2021 participants to the Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop for Young Scientists from the Global South, 2nd Edition. The workshop will start on 22 January 2021, bringing together 29 talented young scientists from 17 countries from the Global South for a five-week series of virtual sessions covering topics related to the BWC.



The 2nd Edition of the Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop for Young Scientists from the Global South is financed under the auspices of European Union Council Decision 2019/97/CFSP in support of the BWC. It aims at providing a platform for young scientists from the Global South to share their knowledge and ideas about biosecurity issues at the local level and ways to strengthen it. During the virtual sessions, participants will engage with over 10 experts on topics such as science diplomacy, science advice in the context of the BWC, dual-use research of concern, responsible and ethical science and innovation, global health security and other science and technology topics of relevance to the BWC.

Experts – 1st session:

Experts – 2nd session:

Experts – 3rd session:

4th session – The 2021 cohort meets the 2019 cohort to discuss peer-to-peer mentoring and networking in biosecurity.

Experts –5thsession:

Experts –6thsession:

For further information, please contact Follow the workshop on social media using #Youth4Biosec.