Gender-sensitive Ammunition Management Processes:
Considerations for National Authorities

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While gender analysis has been introduced to address a variety of aspects of small arms control, it has received less attention in the ammunition-specific domain, especially outside of stockpile management concerns. To address the issues of unplanned explosions and diversion of conventional ammunition, there is not only a need to strengthen ammunition management policies and practices throughout its life cycle but also to ensure they are gender-sensitive.

Following the release of a briefing paper last year, UNODA and the Small Arms Survey developed the report Gender-sensitive Ammunition Management Processes: Considerations for National Authorities, providing reflections on the mainstreaming of gender throughout the life-cycle management of ammunition.

The report highlights practical suggestions for applying gender analysis to ammunition management, consistent with the Final Report of Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on problems arising from the accumulation of conventional ammunition stockpiles in surplus. The GGE noted the “value of considering ammunition management throughout its life cycle, using a gender analysis, in order to identify relevant entry points for gender mainstreaming” (A/76/324, para. 81).

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Publication date: October 2021