Facilitating the review of developments in science and technology of relevance to the BWC by also involving academia and industry

States Parties to the BWC have repeatedly stressed the importance of staying informed about relevant advances in science and technology. This project aims to facilitate the review of developments in science and technology (S&T) relevant to the Convention by holding an international S&T conference targeting mainly experts from academia, governments, and industry. The conference is expected to incorporate their views into the substantive discussions that will inform and feed into the programme of the Ninth Review Conference, including on S&T-related proposals of BWC States Parties.

Building upon the outcomes of the S&T conference, the project aims at creating a “Science for Diplomats” initiative to bridge the gaps by fostering continued dialogue and engagement between the scientific community, academia, policymakers and industry. A series of events are planned to ensure that policymakers are aware, informed and up to date on scientific and technological advances that can benefit and challenge the BWC.