Disarmament Field Activities



RDB maintains a coordinated approach for the development and execution of programmes on a worldwide scale, with tailored, region- and country-specific components. RDB’s programmes can be grouped into three main focus areas:


Training and Capacity-Building:

  • Inter-Institutional Training Course (IITC) on combating illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons: a training course for law enforcement and judicial officials on firearms control;
  • SSR training on law enforcement, human rights, gender mainstreaming and awareness-raising on civil-military relations for armed and security forces;
  • Capacity-building for parliamentarians on arms control and disarmament legislation to implement international and subregional instruments, as well as on parliamentary oversight of the security sector; and
  • Capacity-building for civil society organizations on issues related to disarmament, SSR and armed violence reduction/prevention.


Technical Assistance:

  • Legal and policy assistance to Member States and regional and subregional organizations on development and implementation of disarmament legislation, instruments and action plans;
  • Technical support in stockpile management and weapons destruction;
  • Development of national, subregional and regional registers and databases on conventional arms, and
  • Support for the establishment of national commissions and development of national action plans on small arms and light weapons control;


Outreach and Advocacy:

  • Organization of conferences, seminars and workshops to promote ratification and support implementation of disarmament instruments ;
  • Dissemination of best practices and lessons learned on practical disarmament and armed violence prevention and reduction; and
  • Peace, disarmament and non-proliferation education.