Capacity building for BWC National Contact Points

Out of the current 184 State Parties to the BTWC, only 134 States have to date nominated National Contact Points (NCPs), with no standardized training course being available to all NCPs and no formalized platform for the NCPs to liaise with each other.

Building upon the Guide on Implementing the BTWC, which is being developed under EU Council Decision 2019/97, this project aims at elaborating training materials and providing dedicated capacity-building to NCPs, whilst creating means and opportunities for dialogue and exchange of information on the national implementation of the BTWC among the NCPs, including the sharing of best practices.

The project will contribute to strengthening the implementation of the BTWC by holding eight (8) regional dialogue fora for BTWC NCPs, allowing for networking and engendering greater NCPs’ exchange at the regional and international levels. Furthermore, an event will be held in Geneva bringing together all BWC NCPs.

The project also foresees the expansion of the NCPs restricted access page in order to serve as a repository of relevant information for NCPs and as a tool for interaction and cooperation. It is also expected that the provided training along with the regional dialogue fora will result in higher numbers and quality of annually submitted Confidence-Building Measures (CBM) reports, which will provide additional information on the status of the implementation of the Convention globally.

In order to ensure sustainability and continued exchange among NCPs beyond the conclusion of this Council Decision, the training materials developed under this project will be conceptualized to be usable and accessible to NCPs for future reference and training.