Sixth Biennial Meeting of States on the Programme of Action

6-10 June 2016, New York

The UN Programme of Action (PoA) on small arms and light weapons envisages the convening of Biennial Meetings of States “to consider the national, regional and global implementation of the Programme of Action.” BMS6 will be the last meeting before the 2018 3rd Review Conference (RevCon3).



Ambassador Rattray







Curriculum Vitae:
Ambassador E. Courtenay Rattray of Jamaica


Essential documents

Report and Outcome Document [A][C][E][F][R][S]

Agenda [A][C][E][F][R][S]

Programme of work  [A][C][E][F][R][S]

Rules of procedure  [A][C][E][F][R][S]

SG’s Report: The illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects [A] [C] [E] [F] [R] [S]

List of participants


More documents – PaperSmart Portal

Delegations wishing to circulate their statements
electronically through the PaperSmart Portal should send a copy of the statement at least one hour in
advance of delivery to and bring only 20 copies of their statement for technical












National reports

Countries have committed to report every two years on the implementation of the PoA and ITI.

The 2016 national reports covering 2014-2015 are to be submitted before 31 Mar 2016 in advance of BMS6.

Note Verbale

Reporting tool

Submitted 2016 reports

National views on effectiveness of assistance

Project proposals

Key data from 2016 reports

Requests for assistance






Information for NGOs










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