Facilitation and clarification of compliance and other information

“Graffiti Against Landmines”, Giant mural designed by Serval, Jazi and Jag on the occasion of the Seventh Meeting of States parties, September 2006 (fragment)

The States parties have agreed to consult and cooperate with each other with regard the implementation of the provisions of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty, and to work together in a spirit of cooperation to facilitate compliance with their obligations under the Convention. For this purpose, Article 8 of the Convention provides for a series of steps that could be undertaken in order to clarify and resolve matters relating to compliance with the Convention, in particular, submitting requests for clarification by one or more States parties; making use of the UN Secretary-General’s good offices; considering the matter at a Meeting of the States parties; or convening a Special Meeting of the States parties.

This article also provides for the establishment of fact finding missions in case additional clarification is required. For such purposes, the Secretary-General of the United Nations” shall prepare and update a list of the names, nationalities and other relevant data of qualified experts provided by States Parties and communicate it to all States Parties. Any expert included on this list shall be regarded as designated for all fact-finding missions unless a State Party declares its non-acceptance in writing” (Article 8, paragraph 9 of the Convention).

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 8 of the Convention, the Office for Disarmament Affairs (Geneva Branch) is maintaining a roster of qualified experts, whose names have been communicated periodically by the States parties to the Secretary-General of the United Nations at his/her invitation.

For communicating the names of their qualified experts, the States parties use the Registration form below:

Registration form

Available for download in English, Français, and Español.