Aide-Memoire: Options for reflecting weapons and ammunition management in decisions of the Security Council, Second Edition

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This is the Second Edition of the Aide-Memoire that was originally published in 2018.

The content has been updated to reflect the evolution in the Security Council’s practice in addressing weapons and ammunition-related issues from the end of the 1990s through to August 2020.

This Second Edition includes a new section highlighting recommendations made by the Secretary-General to support the mainstreaming of weapons and ammunition-related matters in the work of the Security Council derived from previous reports to the Security Council on small arms and light weapons.

The main body of the Aide-Memoire (and its supporting Annex 1) is based on a review of more than 650 UN Security Council country-/region-specific and thematic resolutions, and relevant presidential statements issued since the end of the 1990s. A 30-year time frame was used to ensure a broad pool of language options. This time period also corresponds to the establishment of several of the main United Nations peace operations.

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Publication date: October 2020