Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship 2024 – Online Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop

The online Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop is the first part of the Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship 2024. It is an interactive pre-Working Group training leading up to the field visit in Geneva in August 2024.

The online workshop consists of various weekly sessions, with each sessions focusing on specific issues related to the Convention and comprising a preparatory package including introductory videos and a reading list.

Please note that these course materials are aimed at a specialist professional audience. The views and opinions expressed in the course materials do not necessarily represent the official positions of the United Nations on any issue

Session 1 – Official opening and introduction to the Biological Weapons Convention

Please note that this introductory presentation was recorded in 2023 and some information is not updated.

Reading list:

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Key learning objectives

  • Gain a practical understanding of BWC obligations and functioning, main strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the state of multilateral discussions under the Convention and the processes of multilateral diplomacy

Session 2 – Science and technology developments 1/2 – Science diplomacy and governance challenges under the BWC

Reading List

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Key learning objectives

  • Engage with senior experts on the biosecurity implications of fast-paced innovation in biotechnologies and discuss options on the table to address the issues under the BWC