Information to be provided by Member States when proposing experts

1.          Name of expert.


2.          Fields of expertise.


3.          Current position.


4.          Mailing address: Office and Home.


5.          Telephone numbers, e-mail address, telex, telecopy or telefax.


6.          Educational background. Attach curriculum vitae.


7.          Relevant experience, particularly in the area of field investigations, including dates of relevant activities.


8.          Relevant training and certifications in: 1) health and safety in a hazardous environment; 2) utilization of
             personal protective equipment; 3) packaging and transport of dangerous goods; and 4) field epidemiology training program.


9.          Language proficiency.


10.        Citizenship.


11.        Availability of services on short notice; availability for extended periods of time.


12.       24-hour point of contact in country, including telephone, facsimile, and e-mail, if available, who can authorize
            deployment of the individual.


13.      Certain health conditions may influence the advisability of deploying an expert to the field.


                 (a) Does the expert have any health conditions that would influence field deployment?
                        Yes or No
                       Prior to deployment as a qualified expert, the expert will be required to have their overall health status confirmed with a medical examination.
                  (b) Relevant vaccination status.


Pre-deployment training: Please note that the UN requires specific training (e.g., security training) prior to field deployment. Baseline training may be relatively brief (e.g., 2 1/2 hours), but additional training may be required. All training will be provided.

In the event of any change in the status in any of the above, the member state is required to notify the Secretary-General.

Individuals designated by Member States will be asked to accept a confidentiality agreement covering any activities conducted on behalf of the Secretary-General for the purposes of investigating the alleged use of CBT weapons.