UN SaferGuard Programme Training Courses on the IATG

Under the auspices of the UN SaferGuard programme, a number of training courses have been developed to support the implementation of the IATG. These training courses are designed to provide the basic information necessary for States to move towards Level 1 compliance of the IATG.

Course Instructors

There are inherent risks and dangers in the safe, efficient and effective stockpile management of conventional ammunition. The IATG training courses are technical in nature and should only be delivered by appropriately qualified and competent individuals. The UN SaferGuard programme maintains a Roster of Experts which lists individuals who have been selected for their professional competence.

Instructors for the training courses should be selected from this Roster as these individuals have been approved by the UN SaferGuard Board.

For more information, or to provide feedback on these materials, please contact the UN SaferGuard Programme.

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